003: Going for text now. I’m kinda sick.

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The weather has not been treating me very well at all.

I’ve been sick–not for the past couple days, but for the past couple MONTHS–with a head cold, nasal congestion, and a sore throat, alternately. And as anyone who’s ever tried talking out loud with one of those ailments knows, having a cold makes for shitty-ass vocal capacity. I’ve been attempting to record an entry to this production blog for quite a while now,  but it’s all been for naught. So, at last, I’ve given up. And as such, I’ve decided to update you all through the only other way I know how–through text.

With that being said, here’s all the shit that’s been going on in Clusterfuck Studios.

  • You can expect at least two new books coming in the next couple months. I’ve been dropping hints about releasing new books for quite some time now on my Facebook and Twitter pages–up to and including screenshots of my workspaces during the creation process–but now, I’m name-dropping.

    (Origins and Three Stories)

    More details as the progress of the books takes place. But for now, be content with the screenshots I’m dropping ya. ‘Cause that’s all you’re gonna get.

  • Funhouse has been rolling along steadily, and I have quite a few plans for the strip. More on THAT soon as well.
  • And finally, expect a brand-new magazine from myself, Given Zane, and others in the coming months, entitled Caffeine Fiend Magazine (working title). More details on that–as you probably guessed–coming soon.

I’m going to attempt to be religious about updating this blog right here over the upcoming months, so be sure to stay tuned.

I have a lot planned for 2014.

Happy new year, everyone.


002: Sick as a dog. SAF is dead. All hail Funhouse.

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Damn weather.http://vocaroo.com/i/s0L5jsGXj3KT

And for those of you who don’t want to listen to me with a stuffed-up nose and a headache:

*FUNHOUSE: New comics every Monday.
*????????: New books out next year. No details yet. Be patient.

And the new album, Living The Dream, is still to be released 12.31.13.


001: Starting again, a couple updates. Good to be back.

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Starting the studio up again. Hopefully, this’ll be the last bit of downtime.


And, if you’re not willing to check out my sexy voice…

FUNHOUSE: Probably new every week. Just posted a new one last night.

SOCIALLY AWKWARD FUNNIES: Dice roll between being scrapped, being rebooted, and continuing the series. Myself and NaNa (the other main character in this semi-autobiographical strip, and my girlfriend before I came out) are not together anymore, and I have a new boyfriend, Wil, who (if the series is to be continued) will be in there as well. The jury’s out on that one.

Drop dates:

NEW DEMO TAPE: ([3]) by X. — Drop date is 12.4.2013 at 5:00 PM CST (or somewhere around there)

NEW ALBUM: Living The Dream by X. — Drop date is 12.31.13 at 12:00 AM CST

It’s good to be back.